Music Together® Online

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Mon - Sun, All Day
06/08/20 - 08/02/20 (8 weeks)



With Music Together Online, you'll get to experience the same quality experience of a mixed-aged Music Together class in the comfort of your home. Families will have access to Facebook Live classes various times during the week via our private Facebook page and private Zoom classes on the weekends. Recordings of class videos will be saved on our private Facebook page and will also be posted on our Family Portal here on our wesbite for those who are not on Facebook. 

Upcoming Meetings
07/15/20    All Day Wednesday 07/15/20 All Day
07/16/20    All Day Thursday 07/16/20 All Day
07/17/20    All Day Friday 07/17/20 All Day
07/18/20    All Day Saturday 07/18/20 All Day
07/19/20    All Day Sunday 07/19/20 All Day
07/20/20    All Day Monday 07/20/20 All Day
07/21/20    All Day Tuesday 07/21/20 All Day
07/22/20    All Day Wednesday 07/22/20 All Day
07/23/20    All Day Thursday 07/23/20 All Day
07/24/20    All Day Friday 07/24/20 All Day
07/25/20    All Day Saturday 07/25/20 All Day
07/26/20    All Day Sunday 07/26/20 All Day
07/27/20    All Day Monday 07/27/20 All Day
07/28/20    All Day Tuesday 07/28/20 All Day
07/29/20    All Day Wednesday 07/29/20 All Day
07/30/20    All Day Thursday 07/30/20 All Day
07/31/20    All Day Friday 07/31/20 All Day
08/01/20    All Day Saturday 08/01/20 All Day
08/02/20    All Day Sunday 08/02/20 All Day